Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Refreshed, with golf-ruined shoulders

Bali was a balm. I highly recommend anybody in dire need of a retreat to take a day or two from work over the weekend and just escape to a beautiful resort and live life at the pace of bebel gilberto's bossa nova for a stretch.

They say that geography changes everything. It's true. The mind mellows, grinds down to the stillness and the sublimity of an environment so completely tamed and dominated by nature. Perspectives are lost, gained, and castles rebuilt. The love of things and people is found. For a few precious days, the world is perfect. Then goodbye bali, goodbye bubble, hello real world.

God restores, things have shifted and the heart sees just a little more clearly. The process is slow, but no doubt radical at the root.


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sm3074 said...

Bali reminds me of an explosion. I am a media poisoned simple minded person.

jkd said...

I really need a vacation!

Bob and Rosemary said...

Beautiful blog! I was just just doing the "next blog" thing and found you. Lovely big photos - I must figure out how to do that on mine.
Thanks for your words too. Very inspiring.

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